Rachel Giger
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Rachel Giger
Certified End of Life Coach

“Those who learn to know death, rather than fear and fight it, become our greatest teachers about life”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Your Life’s Work is to Serve your Patients. To Heal & Make Them Well.

But you are crumbling and you know it.

The next terminal diagnosis might be the one that pushes you over the edge. The next dying child could be the one that makes you walk away. Hospice is a word you are not sure you can utter again. You did not sign up for Death in Medicine.

“First, do no harm.”

The relief you need is available. I have the tools. It is possible to find the joy in your work again. I will help you.

Completely Confidential. One on One.

We cannot change the fact of death, but we can change your thoughts about the fact.  

The fact that Life Ends is where our Coaching Begins.

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